SteveEileen5x7My name is Eileen Benthal.  I am a freelance writer, speaker and wellness coach with over 15 years experience in advocacy and wellness. My husband Steve is Web Developer and Internet Marketing Consultant.

This website is specifically tailored to restoring balance: body, mind & spirit.


“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”

IsAgenix nutritional cleanse program is an excellent foundation for health. All doctors agree that breakfast is the most important meal and starting your day with a nutritious protein shake is the easiest and most effective way to begin! Research also shows that the toxins we are exposed to are stored in the fat cells of our bodies. We must reduce inflammation and release the toxins with nutritional cleansing.

MindBev“The brain controls the body. Brain health is the key to overall health and age reversal.”


Dr. Daniel Amen and Eileen

Research shows that flooding the body with great nutrition, especially with high quality amino acids, helps to balance brain chemistry. When our brains are balanced, we can make better decisions for our health. For great advice on improving your brain through a healthy lifestyle, check out the writing and research of my favorite brain doctor, Dr. Daniel Amen.




“When the mind, body, and spirit work together, anything is possible.”

In my life God comes first and then my family and my work.  I believe that the foundational principle for health in mind, body and spirit is surrendering our lives to God each day. When we surrender, we begin to comprehend our purpose here on earth. When our lives are filled with purpose, everything we do; from the simplest tasks, like laundry and paying the bills or working at the office to fighting for someone’s life who has cancer, everything has a purpose. I have learned that God is a great economist. He wastes nothing. So everything serves its purpose in good time; in God’s time.

LOP_largeIf you want to learn more about how to live a life of purpose, see my weekly column: Life on Purpose, published every Sunday at RiverheadLocal.com.



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God bless you!


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